This is the official page for Bite Victim. There will be spoilers. Consider yourself warned.
Could never get a head in life.
— Bite Victim's Loading Screen

Bite Victim is an unlockable character in FNaF World - Fanon Update 3 and is the protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 along with the Fredbear plush.


Bite Victim and his Fredbear plush look the same as they appeared in FNAF4. Bite Victim has dark beige hair, tan skin, a black and gray t-shirt, blue shorts, dark beige shoes and tears running down his face. The Fredbear plush has a purple hat, purple bowtie and two black buttons. He has a black smile and nose, and black eyes with white pupils.


HeadacheDoes big damage to enemies and stuns them.
Gift BoxesPuts a gift-box at the feet of each of your team members. When they die, it will automatically bring them back to life with full health.
PlushiesStorm of Plushies causes high-damage.



  • Bite Victim is one of the only characters to be more than one character. The others being Paperpals and Plushies.
  • Headache is a reference to how the Bite Victim was victim to a bite, implying it's name.