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Bug Fredbear is an unlockable character in FNaF World - Fanon Update 3, and is the strongest of them all, but with lower health.

Appearance Edit

Bug Fredbear is similar in appearance to regular Fredbear, but instead is dark coloured/black and grey. He has 2 glowing white eyes in black spaces. One of his ears is missing and replaced with wires, and the other is damaged. He also carries a microphone like normal Fredbear. His second form is transforming into the bug character from another character, Damaged Fredbear.

Attacks Edit

Crashing BiteDeals a gigantic amount of damage, with a 50% chance to insta-kill.
Mimic BallSummons a permanent mimic that duplicates any attacks used.
Toxic SongDoes a lot of damage to multiple enemies and gives poison.

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