FNaF World - Update 3 is the third big update in FNaF World.


Freddy goes to a portal in Dusting Fields and meets Fredbear inside. They're in a blank white area, which Fredbear states is The Void. He states that there are fakers in the Void which change appearance and spread. Then, they get attacked by the Recolor Orb. When it seems hopeless Withered Golden Freddy and Nightmare Mangle come in and attack the Recolor Orb. It quickly flies away. Withered Golden Freddy and Nightmare Mangle join your team and now you're forced to only have Freddy, Fredbear, Withered Golden Freddy and Nightmare Mangle.

After going through the void you meet back up with the Recolor Orb and defeat it. Then the animatronics are sent out of the void and back into Dusting Fields.