Fredbear World: Haywire Animatronics is the first game in the Fredbear World series. This takes place a while after FNAF World where the world has become more modernised and populated.


A year after Freddy saved Animatronica (the final name), Scott finally finished coding the world with new citizens in a new city. However, something is seemingly messed up as Fredbear and Spring Bonnie find, and a variety of glitched animatronics are attacking.

Playable CharactersEdit


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Fredbear is the main protagonist of Fredbear World. He's a very heroic character who deeply cares about the state of Animatronica. He knows a lot about Animatronica and keeps a dark side hidden.

Fredbear is mainly an offensive character, as he gets the more damage dealing moves during the game. He has minor heals around the beginning of the game but the heals get replaced by damaging attacks later on. He also has status attacks, his final one being Mimic Ball.

Spring BonnieEdit

Spring bonnie
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Spring Bonnie is the side protagonist of Fredbear World. They're very scared but stays by Fredbear's side anyway. They're unaware of Fredbear's knowledge and a bit stupid.

Spring Bonnie is mainly a healing character, but has some offensive attacks at later levels. She has minor stat boost moves at the start of the game but then gets enemy stat moves.


The game plays very similarly to FNAF World. The Overworld is the same as it was before Update 1 and the battle system works the same. Fredbear and Spring Bonnie have three types of attacks: Attack, Party and Extra. Attack attacks usually do damage only, sometimes having toxic effect. Party attacks are either heals or other attacks (usually relating to party items like balloons and poppers). Extra attacks are other attacks such as stat-boosts and enemy stat-debuffs.



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