This is the official page for Phantom Hybrid. There will be spoilers. Consider yourself warned.
Phantom Hybrid is an enemy in FNaF World - Fanon Update 3 and appears in Glitchmare. It is a combination of every phantom.


Phantom Hybrid is a hybrid of all the phantom characters. It has Phantom Freddy for a head with the Phantom Mangle endo head coming out of its neck. It has Phantom Chica's torso with Phantom BB's right arm and Phantom Marionette's left arm. It has Phantom Foxy's legs and pelvis.


4th WallAn attack which deals up to 400 damage to 3-4 party members. Has a chance of missing. It can also deal 9997-9999 damage, but is unlikely. Can instantly kill them.
AlarmSends out five flashing balls that deal an incredible amount of damage that can instantly kill. Has no effect while Neon Wall is up.
BugAn attack that does a lot of damage to the team. Unless you're a bug character, you'll die instantly.