On this page, I will be showcasing my new "Update 3" idea, while regularly adding updates to the pages and more. Right now, we have about 16 characters right now.

  1. Bug Balloon Boy
  2. Bug Bonnie
  3. Bug Chica
  4. Bug Foxy
  5. Bug Freddy
  6. Bug Golden Freddy
  7. Bug Animdude/Bug Scott Cawthon
  8. Bugtrap
  9. Bugtime Foxy
  10. Funtime Freddy
  11. Withered Springbonnie
  12. Withered Golden Freddy
  13. Nightmare Mangle
  14. Crying Child
  15. Plushies
  16. Purple Freddy

That was a total of 16 characters for the roster, so as of Update 3, the roster will have 64 characters and 56 unlockable characters.

(NOTICE: This isn't intended to be a mod/proper update for FNAF World, but if it is entirely possible and we can succeed to do so, it will happen, but don't get your hopes up. It won't.)

Check out all 16 characters, and their appearances and other info, and make sure you read ALL UPDATES!

All Idea UpdatesEdit

  • Update 1. Added Bug Freddy, Bug Chica, Bug Foxy, Bug Bonnie, Bug Golden Freddy, Bug BB and Bugtrap.
  • Update 2. Added Bug Animdude/Bug Scott Cawthon
  • Update 3. Added Bugtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy.
  • Update 4. Added Withered Springbonnie, Withered Golden Freddy, Nightmare Mangle, Crying Child, Plushies and Purple Freddy. Brought the roster up to 64.