Waves Mode is a mode ran by Wave Rabbit that appears in Pinwheel Funhouse in FNaF World - Update 3 (FlyingNosaj). Two teams of ten characters fights waves of enemies.



  • Easy
    • Enemies are weak and there's not many bosses.
  • Medium
    • Enemies are strong and there's a few bosses.
  • Hard
    • Enemies are very strong and there's a lot of bosses.
  • Extra
    • An endless version of Hard Mode.


In the options menus, you can change things.

  • Background Location
    • Every location from the game appears as an option. They have no change other than being a different background, but you must unlock Geist Lair and The Void.
      • If you choose Geist Lair, the enemies from Geist Lair will only appear and you can enable and disable the Toxicity Effect, and the Update 2 characters are available.
  • Amount of Waves
    • Minimum is 15, and maximum is 150. This won't work in Extra Mode.